Join a Sacred Sisterhood of Doulas Who Have the Wisdom, Knowledge & Presence to Help Women Reclaim Their Power In Birth

The Sacred Sisterhood Doula Training is a multi-dimensional education experience for new and experienced birthworkers who are ready for a deeper, wider and more profound set of skills and abilities for empowering women in birth.

Weekend doula trainings do little to prepare you for supporting a woman to navigate her birth experience fully in her power. 

Focusing on coping techniques, interventions, birth plans and other shallow topics keeps you from developing a more important set of ancient skills and understanding for connecting a woman to her power.  

If you don’t want to be a doula who is actively contributing to the system that views birth as a potential emergency to be managed, become a member of this Sacred Sisterhood, learn its ways, and discover how to transform the lives of the women you serve. 

A Way of Supporting Women in Their Power That You Will Find Nowhere Else

“I have a community of mothers very close to me (7 sisters to be exact!) and believe me, I have been spreading the news!  There is so much information packed into this course. It was life-changing for me, and hopefully will be for my clients.  I had been following Indie Birth podcasts and articles for a little while, and I thought I knew a lot about birth, pregnancy, and postpartum. Boy was I wrong! There is so much information in this course, it made me realize you never can know it all–but here’s an amazing start to the lifelong journey of learning about birth!  From dietary changes for a better postpartum, to vaginal steaming, to truly understanding that you have options, and no one is in charge of your pregnancy but you–this course covers so much ground, I can’t wait to go out and change the birth world, one client at a time.  All women deserve the support an Indie Birth-trained doula can offer. All women deserve this knowledge. Thank you, Indie Birth!”


“I started this course with hopes to satiate my cravings for a deep dive into all things birth, and happy to say my desires have been met (and then some). There is no surface level content; the course takes twists, turns, detours and deep dives, all with the purpose of increasing your knowledge of all things birth to a meaningful level, whilst constantly encouraging you to be thinking critically about your own stance and values.”


“I was guided to learn all about true physiological birth in a way that let me explore and reflect on my own thoughts, feelings, and preconceptions. It was life changing! The reading material and course content was designed in such a comprehensive and manageable manner, I oftentimes found myself not wanting articles, podcasts, and books to end. The connections and support that the INDIE BIRTH community fosters has been really special. It’s incredible to feel the energy from fellow birth workers and to know that we are all in this together, working to create a paradigm shift! I will forever treasure my time learning with Maryn, Margo, and all of the incredible hosts, and feature guests along the way. I am so grateful for this holistic, honest, and sacred capsule of birth wisdom.”


this we believe:

Mothers Know How to Give Birth, Babies Know How to Be Born...

Birth is a sacred rite of passage. It is an initiation into the power of the Divine Feminine that has been co-opted by a system designed to control every aspect of your life. 

Doula trainings that prepare you to be a “good girl” and serve as a compliant cog in the hospital create doulas who separate women from their power.

Doula trainings that offer little to no help in dealing with your own internal emotional issues, or even birth trauma set you up to project these unresolved issues into the birth space.

As a doula, you can either choose to help perpetuate the problem or you can choose to play an active role in the solution. You can support the system or you can support women. You can’t do both.  

The Sacred Sisterhood Doula Training is an extensive educational journey through the wide range of skills and abilities you need to fully support women in their power.

The sacred sisterhood Curriculum

What You'll Learn in the Sacred Sisterhood Doula Training

The Sacred Sisterhood Doula Training is a comprehensive, four month education that covers the four primary areas of study listed below. 

You’ll learn about the most practical detail all the way to the most profound concepts that are required to truly serve women as a doula. 

With lifetime access to the program, you’ll be able to work through the material at your own speed and review sections as often as you like.


Becoming a Sacred Sisterhood Doula From the Inside Out

You can’t help women reclaim their power if you have not claimed your own. We’ll guide you through a deep exploration of your inner world so you can process your own fears, blocks and other energetic obstacles that keep you from “showing up” for the women you serve.


Developing the Power to Attract Clients You Want to Work With

So many doulas suffer because they don’t hold deeply the understanding about how valuable what they do can be. Doulas are not order takers, they play an active, co-creative role in helping a woman navigate the birthing process. This section involves transferring the knowledge and ability to be a powerful authority in the birthing space and have the confidence and belief you need to truly serve.


Understand Physiological Birth Better Than an OB

You can’t serve women in birth if you don’t have a deep understanding of physiological birth. In this section, you’ll receive knowledge that some midwives do not even know (and definitely not OB’s) about how the birth process happens, the intricate web of divine timing that interventions can disrupt and all about the signs and stages of labor from the perspective of the wise woman.


Secrets of the Sacred Sisterhood

Helping women claim their power in birth requires a level of understanding and ability that is not common in the doula world. IN addition to the core curriculum, you’ll receive hours of additional instruction about a long list of topics related to supporting women in birth.

Read More Comments From the Sisterhood...

“By taking this course I have changed personally for the better. I have been able to view birth in such a different and more powerful way. With this course I have gained a immense amount of confidence in myself and the work that I offer to women. The doula program has helped me attract more clients as a result. They have helped me do this by equipping me with the business knowledge I need! I feel prepared and confident in having conversations with my clients about money. I’m also confident in myself and what I have to offer. I have learned so much from this program and feel like they have given me the tools to be a successful doula. This training is so much more extensive than any other doula course I looked at. Each aspect of the course touches on valuable knowledge to help me be a better doula. This course was the first one I had heard of that actually teaches you the business aspect of being a doula and I love that!! I am thankful for what I am learning…”


“I had my eye on Indie Birth but had already committed to another doula program. The other course was monotonous and it felt like a huge disservice to myself to not to be learning from the women who inspired me so much. I made the switch to Indie Birth and it was like things in my life started to finally click into place. I worked through a lot of underlying birth trauma and broke down a lot of societal conditioning and just like that, I began being invited into these sacred birth spaces. I was connected with many amazing women in my community who also learned from Indie Birth or aspired to. Now I am sought out as a doula by autonomous and aligned women. I will always recommend Indie Birth’s Doula Training over any other, for its ability to break the mold and stand radically in our autonomy and the wonderful community I have built from it. Much love to my Indie Birth sisters & Maryn, Margo, and the other wise women who I had the honor to learn from.”


“After supporting a good friend and her family during her pregnancy and autonomous home birth of her son I knew in my heart I was being led to support women in birth. I waffled back and forth on signing up for a doula course through well known organizations. Thank you for this course, it is literally the answer to my prayers…”


Meet Your guides

Maryn and Margo

We are mamas and birth workers who decided to do birth differently– and bring others along with us. We are kind, fun to work with, and great at (lovingly) calling people on their bullshit when necessary. With 12 children and 33 years of birth work between us, we’ve learned a thing or two along the way, and Indie Birth Midwifery School is our space to share it all with you.

This course emphasizes a holistic approach to being a doula, taking into consideration body, mind, and spirit. This program uniquely integrates traditional birth and midwifery wisdom with clinical experience and powerful, unique-to-Indie Birth proprietary material. You will experience inner growth and gain the confidence and knowledge necessary to support women in a way that few doulas can.

What you get with traditional doula trainings:

What you get inside the Sacred Sisterhood:

A Sisterhood Built on the Shared Vision of the Power of Women


If you're coming just to make money, this is not the place for you. But if you want to make a great living serving women, you will learn how to do that.

Supporting women in birth is a tremendous value you can provide to the world. 

How to structure your work so that it returns to you the material success you are looking for can be challenging. 

This process leads you right into facing self-worth issues, how best to charge for what you do and a long list of other more practical considerations for how to get rewarded for the value you provide to mothers. 

As a member of the Sacred Sisterhood Doula Training, you’ll receive detailed training in how to set things up to make a great living doing what you love

You’ll have a deep understanding of yourself, of women, of the birth process AND how to transform this work into something that can sustain your life and create abundance for you and your family. 


While the Sacred Sisterhood is About Your Transformation, You Will Never Be Alone

Weekly coaching calls

You’ll be in regular communication with Maryn, Margo, alumni mentors and fellow students each and every week.

Personal FeedBack

Submit your course assignments for individualized feedback and ultimately a certificate of completion.

Workbooks, videos, client worksheets and more

The four month curriculum is full of resources to support and enrich your journey towards becoming a doula who can truly support women in birth.

Enroll In the Sacred Sisterhood Doula Training and Begin Your Journey Today

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Frequently Asked Questions

We do not offer certifications because we do not believe in certifications. We are focused on supporting women in birth in a way few are trained to do. That is our mark of success, not the opinion of an outside authority.

While we don’t view this work as a “business,” where money controls the decisions you make, we do view this work as some of the most valuable forms of service in birth. As a member of the Sacred Sisterhood Doula Training, you will receive extensive help in making this work materially rewarding to you and your family. You will provide a level of value that is not currently available to women in great supply. We will help you ensure you are rewarded for that value.

Yes. It is a very comprehensive course. You can work through it at your own pace.

The weekly coaching calls are for YOUR benefit. So your full participation is what we want. Bring your fears, challenges, dreams and questions and we will help you move through them to the next step on your journey.

We only want to work with members who want to be there. If you enroll in the course and find it is not for you, we will be happy to refund your enrollment within the first 7 days. Over the past few years, we have only had to do this ONCE.